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Remote access

Connect securely to your desktop and use your applications and files, even when you are not in your office.

Web-enable any application

Using TSplus you can instantly Web-Enable any desktop application and run legacy applications inside a web browser, without having to modify or rewrite it.

Connect from any device

TSplus provides remote access to your Windows applications from any device: computers, tablets and mobiles.

Simple to manage

TSplus is easy to manage and works out of the box. TSplus Team work hard to remove all the complexity of our remote access solution.

Simple to use

TSplus is completely transparent to your users: they get access to the applications they already know. You save time and training costs.


Using TSplus Gateway and Load Balancing, you can provide a remote access solution to all your users - whatever number of users you have.

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TSplus 11.10 Version is a powerful new release with a wide range of new features, brand new user interfaces and performances improvements

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